Picture of woman sitting at the computer with the title of the blog

5 Ways to Update Your Old Content

Picture of woman sitting at the computer with the title of the blog

If you’re anything like me, the old content on your website and social channels is the last thing on your mind! Rather you are focused on the here and now, what content is relevant to today and how does this help you with your organic SEO.

However, old content is still relevant and need to be managed and reviewed as part of your overall marketing schedule.

Danny Goodwin from the Search Engine Journal proposes that you have a choice, remove old content or improve it as it does have a significant impact on your websites visibility and how it is crawled by the bots.

Danny explains that the rise of the ‘content is king’ mantra for marketers and SEO professionals saw a plethora of key word content produced and published on line, content that although was rich in the key words of the site was not particularly useful to the consumer.

The recent Google bot updates are now designed to look for content that is not only key word rich, but that is useful, optimised and relevant. That is content that is authentic and written to enhance a user’s search rather than be generic content designed only to bump up the key word indicators for the site.

So, the question is now, what do you do with that old content sitting in your archives? Here are 5 ways you can re-purpose your content and boost your organic SEO.


1 – Take the key concept of your content and turn it into a bullet point Instagram post then delete original post.

2 – Rewrite your post to make it user friendly, relevant and optimised. Keep it short and eliminate unnecessary jargon

3 – Delete your post and move on!

4 – Look for authors on a similar topic and repost with links to relevant authors and updated photos.

5 – Turn your post into a series of shorter posts designed for Facebook, eliminate any content that is not specifically relevant to the topic and post with engaging graphics


As you can see the content marketing game has evolved from the long key word rich jargon which sat hidden in the back end of the website to user friendly, optimised and relevant content that will serve a purpose.

Hopefully this have given you a few idea’s about what you can do with your old content, moving forward.  If you would like to have a read of Danny Goodwin’s article you have a look at it here http://bit.ly/2YWkGfT