Social Media Onboarding Form

Social Media Onboarding Form
1. Social Media Postings a. All content remains the property of Hawthorne Evolve until the invoice for the corresponding week is paid. b. Any edits to the posts must be made by Hawthorne Evolve c. Posting frequency will be agreed upon before commencement of the campaign and can be reviewed from time to time. All changes must be writing via email d. Hawthorne Evolve reserves the right to refuse a post. e. All posts to relate to the business at hand, Hawthorne Evolve will not promote any controversial content including defamation of other businesses and copyright infringement. f. Failure to provide requested information for a post will result in no content being posted but you will be charged for the weeks billing. g. Hawthorne Evolve is not responsible for the quality of photos you provide. h. Hawthorne Evolve is not responsible for negative comments made of social media. However ever effort will be made to moderate the comments and rectify the situation. 2. Payment a. Hawthorne Evolve will bill you on a monthly basis via our Ezi Pay system. b. The cost will be a week this will include content creation, scheduling, posting and engagement strategies. c. After 12 weeks your campaign will be reviewed and if certain KPI’s are met the cost will increase to per week. d. Our aim is to make you’re a roaring success!You will be informed in writing and consultation of any fee increase. Hawthorne Evolve Terms of Business 2020 v2.3 Termination of agreement a. You may terminate this agreement at anytime with 30 days’ notice which must be made in writing. Hawthorne Evolve will cease posting after 30 days. 3. Confidential Information All written and oral information and materials disclosed or provided by the Business to any employee of Hawthorne Evolve under this Agreement is confidential information regardless of whether it was provided before or after the date of this Agreement. 4. Data Storage All content is securely stored on our remote server.
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For credit card payments please contact our office on 0406 619 098. 

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