Our boutique digital marketing agency is the perfect way to get your business noticed in the hectic world of online marketing. From social media management through to google ADs, analytics and SEO we handle it all. take the stress out of your online marketing and let our team manage it for you!

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If you are stuck for time or simply don't know where to start to get your business online and social then we have the solution for you! Our creative team will work with you to develop a cohesive social media strategy that is designed to grow your social media presence, increase your brand awareness and ultimately drive sales to your business.

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What We Can Do For You

All your content is customed designed by our team of in house designers who work with you to make sure your branding and message is on point.

We add in those special extras such as monitoring your inbox if you are busy, monitoring comments and posts to your page to avoid any inappropriate content being posted and will alert you immediately to any issues that may arise.

We work on a weekly rotation with content being prepared a week in advance and posted daily. we post organically to your page to ensure the very best engagement rates. If you would like to discuss further you can book a chat with one of our creative team here

A Full Range of Social Media & Digital Services

  • Setting up Social Media Pages – FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tick Tok & Google My Business
  • Creating header images for age set up
  • Linking Instagram to FB pages
  • Setting up all the business information on the page
  • Setting up an Instagram Business Profile
  • Teaching you how to go live and do stories on FB & Instagram
  • Creating content to grow your page & engagement
  • Creating Chat bots & paid advertising if required
  • Teaching you how to maintain and grow your business pages
  • Teaching you how to grow your personal online presence, influencer marketing
  • Setting up your page templates to suit your business and link online shop to your website

It's no longer about if you should be on social media it's now a matter of how well you do it.

-Carolyn Ferrando-

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